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If you have fewer than 2,500 subscribers, you can send up to 15,000 emails per month for free.
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With the help of the convenient drag and drop email editor you can create email campaigns without knowing HTML code.
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Subscription forms
Create and place your subscription form on your website. Start building a mailing list of subscribers now.
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Drag and Drop” email editor

The email template builder doesn't require any special skills. Even a beginner who has just decided to launch an email marketing campaign can learn how to use this editor. To make a block appear in the email, simply click on it and drag it to the place you need. All emails created with this email template editor are responsive. That means that they look good at any screen resolution.

Start editing your email template
Over 100 ready-made responsive email templates.

Your emails look good on any device and in all email clients!

Increase your open rate by almost 70% with the new artificial intelligence technology system

The success of using email plus web push has been proven in practice in hundreds of clients' mailings.

This method increases open rates by 30%. With SendPulse's new artificial intelligence technology, soon you'll get more amazing open rate results.

SendPulse's artificial intelligence system provides

  • Additional personalization;
  • Time and channel optimization for sending email messages. The system determines the best way to contact each subscriber via email, web push, mobile push, or SMS;
  • Conversion improvement with subject and content optimization.
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Everything you need to know about email campaigns

Our service offers you everything that you need to know about creating and sending out your emails, and our reports will provide detailed stats for each campaign.

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Clever personalization
Set the substitute email text at the base of the personal information about the subscribers you have. This means that, depending on the content in the variables, certain information will be sent.
Insert your customer's name and other information about them into your emails. The more you know about your subscribers, the more effective personalization in your email campaign will be.
Send different emails to your clients depending on their gender, place of residence, or particular interests .
Sending emails through API
This enables you to send mailings directly from your own project, track your email campaigns and view statistics, and integrate mailings into your CRM or CMS system.
Integration into CMS
You can easily transfer data from your CRM system to SendPulse. Automate exporting email addresses from your site to your mailing list.
Multichannel platform
Using SendPulse you can communicate with your customers not only via email but also using web push messages and text.
A/B testing
Test out several versions of the subject or body of your emails and send out the version that received the best results. That email will be the most effective.
Automated sending
Just set up a whole series of emails once and our utomated sending will ensure that they are sent out when someone subscribes, after a recipient has clicked on a link, or after any other trigger that you specify.
Email scheduler
The bulk mailings that you create can be sent out when they are created, or they can be scheduled for automatic sending on a certain date or time.
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